The youth survey has been carried out on a regular basis in Klaipeda Municipality (Lithuania).
Klaipeda University (to read on – KU) conducted the survey of the youth needs and their life
style in the town of Klaipeda as a part of the project “CaSYPoT” supported by the South Baltic
Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

The project team (KU) was responsible for carrying out a national study, translating the survey
questions and conducting the survey at in the Klaipeda Municipality schools. The overall aim
of the project is to increase young people’s desire to get involved in local democracy and to
highlight young people as a resource in the development of society and in democracy work.
We hope this increases the dialogue between young people and the decision-makers (local

The aim of the project is the survey that has been carried out and the analytical work
completed, it will be possible to compare the results between partner countries: Sweden,
Poland and Russia. It will be interesting to know, whether we can identify the problems that
are the same in all countries.

The survey contained the questions addressing the young people’s experience of wellbeing
and safety in their neighbourhood and at school, as well as their experience of being able to
get involved and influence the municipality in which they live.