Klaipeda Youth Awards: Evaluation of the Best

On November 3rd an exceptional event was held in Klaipeda – Klaipeda Youth Awards, during which the most active people and organizations that support the city’s youth were honoured. This event fulfilled the goal of the organizers – to show and properly evaluate all the young people and organizations who spend their time on this hard, but absolutely endearing work for the benefit of the youth of Klaipeda, who create a better present and, at the same time, a better future for all young people of the city, in order to have a good life, to act and reach the heights in Klaipeda.

The association of youth organizations “Apskritasis stalas” and Klaipeda Municipal Youth Affairs Council collaborated in the organization of youth awards. Ten nominations were established, titles of which highlighted all the great work done by young people.

Jurgita Činauskaitė-Cetiner was awarded the title of “Youth Ambassador of the Year” – for her great dedication, especially diligent work for the benefit of the youth of Klaipeda, and ensuring that young people not only feel good living in Klaipeda, but also are provided with all possible means to create, share and implement ideas, to try themselves in the field of volunteering. Laurynas Gaidelis, a declared “Youth Leader of the Year”, is a persistent, highly motivated and enterprising leader with a responsible job, able to communicate with a wide range of people, and most importantly, able to participate everywhere and represent the interests of young people. A lot of young people involved in various social activities, youth organizations and city events, and graciously engaged in socially useful activities that motivated not only themselves but also those around them were nominated to become the “Volunteer of the Year”. However, this title was given to Edgaras Jefimovas, an extremely active KUSS and KLAS member, a volunteer who participates in all kinds of activities, who always finds time for youth events and meetings with youth organizations in Klaipeda and other Lithuanian cities.

Another important nomination the “Youth Project of the Year” was given to the “European Youth Capital 2020” – the largest project of recent years, which aims at ensuring closer cooperation with both Klaipeda City Municipality and the youth community itself. This project seeks to make a city of Lithuania the European youth capital for the first time. The Klaipeda City Municipality was chosen as the “Youth Partner of the Year”, making great progress in cooperation with young people, introducing young people into various processes and working groups and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of young people, taking into account youth projects and their implementation.

The title “Youth Organization of the Year” was given to the Klaipeda association of youth organizations “Apskritasis stalas”, which has a meticulous team of volunteers and is responsible for the fluent activities related to youth and youth organizations. This organization always takes into consideration the desires of Klaipeda youth, prepares very important trainings, writes and presents projects for their implementation, shares ideas and, most importantly, loves the youth of Klaipeda!

The Students’ Representative Office of Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (KVK SA) became the “Most Outstanding Organization of the Year”. This organization is seen and heard everywhere and its members are motivated and active both in the city and the social space. The title “Most Civic Organization of the Year” was given to the Scout Party “Pamario tuntas” which consistently fulfills its stated goal of educating young people to express their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as individuals, responsible citizens and members of their local, national and international community. The Students’ Representative Office of the Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LAJM SA) was recognized as the “Resurrection of the Year”. This organization once again is active, and it not only prepares events for its students, but also participates in local and national events. And eventually Edgaras Mockus became the “Jokester of the Year” for his charisma and the ability to laugh at all with his fun accent and funny tricks.

Thus, the young people of Klaipeda met the first Friday of November with wide smiles and open hearts, as the youth of the city and youth organizations were evaluated for their endless benevolent work in Klaipeda Youth Awards.