Youth Forum

A group of youth organization representatives, who are ambitious, motivated and interested in youth politics, filled the Lithuanian Maritime Museum on the 3rd of November. All of them were brought together by the International Youth Forum “Breakthrough in Youth Policy: Is It (Im)Possible?”; implementation of which was carried out by the Klaipėda City Municipality together with various youth organizations.

Although the aim of the forum was to define the challenges, goals and plans for implementation of the youth policy, prospects for the future at national and regional level, the discussion did not overlook the topic of Klaipeda’s aspiration to become the European Youth Capital in 2020. The birth and goals of this project were well illustrated by Jurgita Činauskaitė-Cetiner, formerly responsible for the implementation of youth policy in Klaipėda, and currently the head of the International Relations, Business Development and Tourism Department of the City Municipality.

At the event reports were read by staff members from the Ministry of Social Security and Labor, the Department of Youth Affairs, the Youth International Cooperation Agency, and others. Also, the importance of youth organizations in politics was informatively presented by the newly elected President of the Lithuanian Youth Organizations Council (LiJOT) Antanas Mikalauskas.

Nerijus Miginis, a representative of the Institute for Policy Studies and Analysis, gave a detailed presentation of one of the most relevant problems of these days – migration. Using the shocking statistics that every year an entire graduation course leaves Klaipėda, the speaker has revealed a number of ways to reduce this number. Participants were also impressed by projects and initiatives of other European cities that not only encourage young people to stay, but also attract representatives from other cities. The creation of your city’s identity – a self government in which work and leisure goes hand in hand – is the most relevant future vision for t a young person who seeks the heights of life.

During the forum the participants realized what “breakthrough” means for each of us and how to implement it. But the general conclusion is very simple – the youth is our generation of possibilities, so creating not only the future but also the present should be one of the most important priorities for each of us. With the help of new cooperation initiatives with the State Seaport Authority, the FEZ – as well as enterprises, through various business networks, we can develop new alternatives, incentives and proposals that create not only the desire but also the opportunity for young people to stay in Klaipėda.