The youth of Western Lithuania now have more opportunities to acquire competences in electronics, programming and engineering. From now on a new robot manufacturing laboratory will help increase interest in modern technology in Šilutė. Initiative-supporting local government, education and business representatives were invited to the official opening of “Your Robot” on 20th February.

Enthusiasts rushed to register at Tavorobotas.lt last year, just after hearing about the ambitions of Eivanas Maksvytis, a programmer who has recently returned from Sweden – the founder of these workshops. Although here learning how to make robots is recommended for people who are twelve and older, there is a seven-year-old amongst the experimenters. Located on the hospitable premises of the Šilutė First Gymnasium, the laboratory is open to all children in the city.

Maksvytis noted that the activity of “Your robot” has already attracted a group of adults. Currently, the laboratory community consists of over 60 citizens of Šilutė, who are divided into four groups and are already developing their first robots. Enthusiasts work together to solve real problems using engineering solutions of varying complexity.

According to E. Maksvytis, the new laboratory is unique not only in Šilutė or in the Western Lithuania region, but also in the entire country in two aspects. “No other school has anything like it. Secondly, the conditions here are created so that the person can dive into the design and production process from the prototype to the functional robot, which can be called, created in Šilutė one hundred percent. I have no doubt that young people, having acquired the necessary knowledge, will naturally gain a desire to improvise. That is when real miracles will begin in Šilutė” said the founder of the workshop.

The laboratory has already accumulated a number of valuable equipment purchased by E. Maksvytis himself: a microchip maker, 3D printers, a microscope, a regulated voltage device, monitors, computers, etc. According to plan, the classes will be filmed and the videos will be uploaded on Youtube, thus reaching an even broader audience of people interested in robotics.

“The initiative is very praiseworthy. We do not doubt its necessity and we congratulate the laboratory’s hosts and the entire city community upon bringing together progressively thinking enthusiasts. We believe that they can become the critical mass that will contribute to the formation of a completely new face of the region. Not everyone is able to boldly generate innovative ideas, take up technological projects and business. After all, in today’s world, basic programming competencies and technological education already ensure a particularly significant advantage” – speaking at the event, Innovation Manager Erika Zavackienė, representing the Klaipėda Science and Technology Park.

It is hoped that the laboratory in Šilutė, and possibly its branch office that may be opened in the port city in the future, could act as an additional impulse for young people to choose studies at Klaipėda University and continue to spread the talents that are able to develop innovative solutions that are needed not only for Lithuania but also for the entire world.

Information of Klaipėda Science and Technology Park.