Klaipėda is successfully heading towards the European Youth Capital title. The European Youth Forum has announced five finalists that will continue to compete for the title of the European Youth Capital of 2021. Klaipėda is one of the finalists.
Vytautas Grubliauskas, the mayor of Klaipėda, also rejoices: “I have repeatedly emphasized that the young people of Klaipėda are active and have ambitious goals, sufficient determination and original ideas to earnestly fight for the name of the European Youth Capital. The fact that Klaipėda is amongst the finalists just confirms that. Now we have to concentrate even more on this beautiful goal – so that Klaipėda would be the place where young people from all over Europe will travel in 2021. At the same time, the conjoining with the “Blue Strategy”, which we have prepared and got ready for implementation, is equally important, as young people, youth organizations and associated structures will be the ‘driving force’ which will also be responsible for its fulfillment. Young people are not only the future, but also one of the most active and most important parts of this ambitious strategy.”
For the title of European Youth Capital 2021 Klaipėda will have to compete with Chisinău (Moldova), Greater Nicosia (Cyprus), Yaroslavl (Russia), Varaždīn (Croatia). The winner will be announced in November at the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum, which will be held in the European Youth Capital 2019 – Novi Sade, Serbia. This year, the European Youth Capital is the Portuguese city of Kaškščiai, and in 2020, the youth capital will move to France, Amiens.
The title of the European Youth Capital requires cities to focus on youth issues and alternative ways to solving them; to prepare, initiate, organize youth participation projects, activities, implement cultural and social initiatives, and focus on youth and youth issues throughout the year. Also, the name of the Youth Capital provides more opportunities for EU program funding, increases the notoriety of the city, youth and tourist flows.

Klaipėda City municipality information