June 30 we meet in the yard, downtown. Where? HOFAS

The door opens at 6 PM
The event starts at 6:30 PM

Whether you are from the northern or the southern part of the city, bring your color to the meeting and do not be afraid to unlock not only your potential, but also Klaipeda’s potential with the teams of #chooseklaipeda, NORTH – SOUTH, SPACE and COLOR platforms.

We will introduce ourselves in sports, live music, graffiti, dance. We will reveal new spaces, get acquainted, communicate. We will be waiting for you with questions for discussion. Bring together “driving” skateboarding, “surfing” workshops and good mood dancing in the yard and new friendships.

All those gathered will be inspired and the discussion will be moderated by Simas Likes to Sing

The meeting will be filmed and broadcast on the Sweet spot live channel.

At (si) spread ✌️

The event is free!