F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

What is Paint your city?

It is the most colorful run of the start of academic year! It is the most memorable and exciting 2 kilometre run from Lietuvininkai square to Klaipeda summer estrada, where you will be met with dance fever. The main accent of this event – run in the hurricane of colors. During the event, the attendees of the event will be colored by color dust.

Is the color dust safe?

The color dust is sent by foreign manufacturers that approve of dust’s harmlessness. The color dust is made from corn starch. If you have respiratory disease of aome sort, it is advised to use protective masks covering nose and mouth. All attendees are recommended to wear glasses/goggles, which will protect eyes and add bonus style points. Make sure you have no allergy for corn starch.

Are the color dust washable out of hair, clothes and skin?

The color dust is easily removed without big effort. It is advised to wash clothing as soon as possible, though. Simple shampoo is advised for hair. Blond hair should not be washed with shampoo meant for colored hair, unless there is a wish for color dust additions to remain.

How does the color dust react with hair, skin and clothes in the rain?

During rain the dust is absorbed stronger, that’s why it is advised to wash hair and clothes as soon as possible.

Can the color dust be eaten?

 The color dust is not meant to be eaten. The dust is based on food coloring, so, if it happens to enter mouth, nothing will happen, but still, it should not be eaten.

Are face masks mandatory?

Face masks/covers are MANDATORY.

Can I run with my pet?

 During the event, taking walks on the track with pets are forbidden.

Is “Paint your city” run safe?

 The track has been discussed and set in accordance with responding institutions and will be safe from car traffic. An ambulance will be overseeing the event.

Will there be a place to wash after the event?

There will be washing spots after the event. Please keep in mind that clothes will be colorful/wet after the run. It is advised that you should have a towel ready(to use in your car to change clothes/not to ruin interior of the car).

How will the surroundings of the event be fixed after?

Color dust will wash off the grass after the first rain, the streets will be washed.



  1. To take part in the event, the participants must have registered and read the rules of the event. All participants attend the event of their own free will and take responsibility for (including own health impairments) and will not make claims toward event organisers.
  2. Runners must show ID when receiving bracelet. Parents or trainers will be held responsible for Underage persons attending the event.
  3. Upon registering, every attendee accepts that photos and videos made during event may be used in public media.
  4. The participants will have to beat 2 kilometres long track, where at set spots, color dust will be thrown.
  5. Organizers keep the right to change and update “Paint your city 2020” regulations without warning.