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Can young people be at the forefront of revitalising our cities during and after the COVID-19 crisis?
Let’s see how this crisis impacted youth participation in the cities of Europe, and how cities and their young people can adapt to a more digitized environment, what the future looks like and what can be done for developing and improving urban youth ecosystems.
Join us in our live public event, remotely, even from your home! Find out more about how European Youth Capital cities did during the COVID-19 pandemic, how the youngsters in these cities felt both before and during the pandemic or how they assess their city’s safety, unity, or proactivity levels.
🟡 Thursday, 1 October – 6 PM CEST
Happy City: How do young people feel in Europe’s cities in 2020’s pandemic crisis?
For our opening event, we will discuss the report based on our Happy City Survey that we conducted in 9 cities, current or former European Youth Capitals, in order to see how these cities faced the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the youth there feels about their city and the way they handled the crisis.
🟡 Friday, 2 October – 10 AM CEST
Towards Digital: Is digital working in urban youth ecosystems? What are the limits and perspectives of hybrid ecosystems? What did we learn during 2020?
What did 2020 teach us? Certainly that we can adapt more of our lives in order to fit into the digital world. Let’s see how we can use that to our advantage and integrate the digital into urban youth ecosystems, as well as what are the possible limitations and perspectives of these hybrid ecosystems.
🟡 Friday, 2 October – 12 PM CEST
Participation in Crisis: How can youth participation be enabled, reinforced, and improved under pressure and restrictions?
This pandemic had consequences on all levels, including participation on both sides, the meaning of youth, as well as of decision-makers. We will be looking into how much their participation was affected and how we can work on it, in order to make it better and easier to reach.
🟡 Friday, 2 October – 3 PM CEST
CITY. YOUTH. FUTURE: How do cities go forward? How can cities become leaders in resetting the relations of young people and society in general? Can we set visions for the future for young people in our cities?
The future, although uncertain, needs some planning. What do these possible plans look like for the cities and their youth? Slowly, everything will get back on track and the youth need a direction to follow and overcome the obstacles of this crisis.
• Network of European Youth Capitals
• Citizen Y Resource Centre (managed by PONT Group)
Join our discussion and see how we can do better, together!

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