The first Klaipeda Youth Forum “Be the Change” will be held on April 27th, at 4.00 pm. Created in the project “Klaipeda – European Youth Capital 2021”, the forum will be a completely new platform for young people to speak about problems, questions, and relevant topics, which bother young people living in the port city.

                      The youth forum is a new platform not only in Klaipeda, but also in Lithuania. According to the Youth Forum coordinator Agne Mikniute, this forum is seen as a youth expert group, which will generate ideas and initiatives, thus supporting the structures in Klaipeda working with youth, such as the Youth Affairs Council, Youth Affairs Coordinator, and the Klaipeda Youth Organisation Association “Round Table”. “With this strategic initiative we want to further strengthen the voice of young people, provide them with the necessary space, tools, opportunities and support, thus seeking their involvement in civic processes”, – said A. Mikniute.

The event will be held on the ZOOM platform. At the beginning of the forum, participants will be introduced to the youth politics in Klaipeda – the structure, organs, active organisations, and work done so far.

Later on, the participants will go into two groups and together with the moderators of the event will discuss about topics, which are relevant to youth. In one group the discussions will be in Lithuanian, in the second – in English. “This way we want to give equal opportunities for all Klaipeda youth to participate, despite their nationality”, – added the Youth Forum coordinator. After the discussions, participants will return to the main ZOOM room to summarise the results. The main aim of this first forum is to identify, which topics are most relevant for the youth of Klaipeda.

When the main topics are identified, other forums dedicated to those particular topics will be organised. During those “topic-dedicated” forums participants will generate ideas and specific suggestions, which, later on, with the help of the Klaipeda Youth Organisation Association “Round Table”, will be presented to the Klaipeda Youth Affairs Council.

Those, who want to take part in the Youth Forum, are welcomed to fill in the registration form: https://forms.gle/EQDjJusdwV6kJNvV7 .