Klaipėda became European Youth Capital 2021, which is a great opportunity for city and Lithuania to reflect on 25 years of youth policy development, the lessons learned. By involving youngsters of Klaipėda, uniting youth organizations, youth workers and municipal efforts, there is anopportunity to become a more open and youth-friendly city and reveal the undiscovered potential of young people.
We want to invite our partner organization to Klaipėda in 2021 for a study visit on youth policy, youth work implementation, youth participation in Urban territories. To see how the status of a European youth Capital can help improve the policies directed at youth.
Aim of the study visit: Create a space for youth policy and youth work practitioners to reflect on present-day youth participation challenges of urban youth and design proposals and ideas on how to make Klaipėda a youth-friendly city.
Objectives of the study visit are:
– to reflect on 25th years of youth policy development and 15 years of youth-work development in Liuthuania;
– to share good practices of youth participation and youth work in Klaipėda city;
– to explore Klaipėda European Youth Capital 2021, analyze the program, meet organizations implementing it;
– to analyze how to foster urban young people’s democratic participation;
– to discuss how to make the participation structures in urban territories more youth friendy;
– To develop international connections for future cooperation.
Study visit “Youth policy in Klaipėda – European youth capital 2021” will take place July 5-11, 2021 in Klaipėda, Lithuania.
The project will be implemented together with partners from Latvia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Bulgaria. The study visit shall bring together 33 youth workers, youth leaders and other youth work specialists.