This year, as every year, the Klaipeda City Municipality Youth Affairs Council, Klaipeda City Municipality and other cooperating partners are organizing the amazing “Klaipeda Youth Awards”.

The initiative, which has been organized for many years, is still one of the ways in which individual representatives of Klaipeda youth, young families or youth organizations receive feedback on their activities – an assessment of their achievements. Because of the socially active youth representatives, every year new leaders, motivated youth and even more creative initiatives or projects emerge. Thus, the initiative “Klaipeda Youth Awards” is a unique opportunity not only to properly evaluate the work done by young people and their great efforts, but also to encourage Klaipeda youth to participate willingly, contributing to the continuous nurturing and improvement of the local community.


Those who want to nominate candidates for one, several or even all positions have a lot of choices – the list of nominations is extremely wide. This year, candidates for the Klaipeda Youth Awards can be nominated in as many as 13 different nominations:


Volunteer of the Year – a person who is active and involved in various activities of public and youth organizations and city events. He is a great example of a person for whom the pursuit of an unpaid activity for the benefit of society is of paramount importance, motivating not only himself but also those around him, and also changing the normal course of life;

Youth Organization of the Year – a youth organization that is active, cooperating, implementing new ideas, writing projects, and participating in public events and events orghanised by other youth organizations. The organization, which acts unanimously, complements the dynamic life of Klaipeda with its activities;

Youth Project of the Year is a project or action that has been very successful among young people and brought together many people, perhaps as an ongoing project;

Youth Ambassador of the Year – a person who actively works with young people, carries a lot of good knowledge about the work done by young people, glorifying Klaipeda as an international, modern, dynamic city on a national and/or international level;

Youth Partner of the Year – a company or person who does not refuse to support young people, kindly cooperates and promotes the activities of young people;

The Most Civic Organization of the Year is an organization for which the memory, history and culture of the nation are important, therefore it actively organizes civic actions and performs a feat on its city and state. It is an organization of true patriots;

Resurrection of the Year – a person or organization that has been inactive for an extremely long time, but has risen like the Phoenix from the ashes and is now working even harder and more actively for the benefit of young people;

Youth Leader of the Year – a person who motivates others to pursue and implement the set goals, actively unites, mobilizes young people to carry out joint initiatives and activities, encourages others to volunteer and tries to solve Klaipeda youth problems;

Winner of the Year is a young person, youth organization or community actively participating in the public life in Klaipeda, regardless of physical, mental or other disability;

The Most active Young Family of the Year is an active young family (up to 35 years old), where all family members actively participate in social activities, promote citizenship and take other initiatives that create added value for the city of Klaipeda. This is a real example for other Klaipeda families;

Young Entrepreneur of the Year is an active young person who started a business initiative in Klaipeda and implements a unique business or social business idea. He is an active young Klaipėda resident, setting an example of entrepreneurship for young people or helping others by encouraging them to take up business initiatives in Klaipeda.

Youth Business Leader of the Year – a company or organization that is founded by young talents, promotes leadership, ensures stability, seeks to hire new employees and proves that it is possible to create a successful business in Klaipeda.

The nomination proposed by Klaipeda residents is a company or organization that, in your opinion, deserves to be awarded, but their talents do not fit into the nominations already listed.


The organizers of the “Klaipeda Youth Awards” encourage to responsibly and actively nominate for each nomination by completing this application form by 31 October.