Beyond entrepreneurship

The project “Klaipeda – European Capital of Youth 2021”, created the Youth for Youth event with the aim of bringing together new youth initiatives and projects. It is an opportunity to encourage and involve young people from both Lithuania and foreigners in the life of the city, empowering them and helping them start their own businesses. Thus, it is intended to attract young people from Europe, focusing on the city of Klaipeda in an international context.

But… How did it all start? Klaipėda youth, youth organizations and the city council participated in the final phase of the European Capital of Youth competition for two years in a row and finally proved to themselves and Europe that they were worthy of the title of European Capital of Youth 2021. Also, this year, one of its most important events took place the week of November 8-12 at the Klaipėda Culture factory. A special building with a long history in Klaipeda, since in reality, it was an old tobacco factory that today decides to host hundreds of innovative projects and start-ups; an incubator where new ideas and innovative business plans are born every day whose ultimate objective is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies, as well as to contribute to the development of creative industries.

Ultimately, looking at the problems that Klaipeda had, in 2017, Choose Klaipeda decides to join with youth organizations and the City Council to solve the challenges that until now no one had addressed: aging population due to the exodus of young people, weak social activism, issues taboo… Thus, a total of 9 platforms were implemented to face these new challenges.

The step towards change has begun, and although it is still far from achieving an entrepreneurial culture in countries like the United States … In Lithuania, and specifically Klaipeda, there is a lot of talent and attitude towards entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not easy, because the fear of failure or the pressures to achieve “a safe job” still weigh heavily. However, little by little, the focus is changing to what really matters: creative and innovative ideas by young entrepreneurs that will be the solution to today’s social problems.

Today we are in a new world that moves at breakneck speed, but also offers many tools and opportunities. Globality is a reality and now you can develop it from the sofa in your living room. The team and the allies are decisive, and now you can have them anywhere in the world and develop any type of innovation. From there, being successful or not is a mix between work and luck, without forgetting that luck is often not random, but rather working hard to turn that effort into opportunities.