Who would have thought that paper airplanes are an officially legal sport? Now you will not only be able to think about it, but also take part in the biggest championship of this sport in the world. The Red Bull Paper Wings paper airplane championship, which started in 2006, will be available to Lithuanian participants for the second time.

The competition includes two categories – the longest distance traveled and the longest time in the air. Players from 62 countries will compete for the title of champion, where there will be 492 qualifiers. Four of them will take place in Lithuania. March 24 – Kaunas KTU, March 25. – Klaipeda University, March 31. – Link factory. And then, on April 1st. – National Finals at Linkmeni Factory.

So how do you get involved? First, register for one of the qualifying competitions. And then – start thinking about your plane. What must be his shape if he wants him to fly far? What can he do to keep him in the air as long as possible?

There will be a lot of work to be done, as there are already quite an impressive number of selections taking place around the world today. The longest distance traveled is 48 meters and the longest time in the air is 12.75 seconds. But you still have a few weeks to practice both folding and throwing, so everything will be fine.

And the best part is that the winners of the national selection will travel to the world finals at the Salzburg-based Hangar 7, and the world champions will be flown with the top-class aerobatic team Flying Bulls. So, your journey from a paper plane to a real flight can start today.