Creation of youth strategy

Klaipeda had never had a separate youth strategy. Youth policy plans is based on national priorities, which not always coincide with the needs of local youth. Therefore, development of youth strategy is foreseen. Preparation will be based on the bottom-up approach and will be integrated into Klaipeda City Strategic Development Plan 2020-2030.

Youth ambassadors’ forum

Will be set up to strengthen the voice of youth by providing them spaces, tools, opportunities and support to participate in civic processes. Youth ambassadors’ forum will work in regular and close cooperation with policy-makers and executors.

Initiative of Lithuanian Youth Capital

The pilot project in Lithuania. The aim of this project is to reveal Lithuanian initiatives on youth policy, to create conditions and ensure youth inclusion into political, social, economic and cultural life of the city.

„Workation“packages (work and vacations at the same time)

With the aim of attracting international, national partners responsible for implementing youth policies to work in Klaipeda for certain period of time.

Experimental openness and culture incubator

The only broad-featured educational product. Only a safe place for “different” people will not be sufficient enough to increase awareness. An incubator with VR technology, holograms, will allow to put people in someone’s shoes. The incubator is designed to feel as of being LGBT person, a woman discriminated in labour market, a man, who experiences domestic violence, etc.

Participatory budgeting for pupils

Considering the challenges presented by the young people during the candidacy, Klaipeda plans to prepare and implement the participatory budget model in Klaipeda gymnasiums and vocational schools (for 9-12 and I-IV grade gymnasium students). The participatory budgeting will allow students to decide on the use of the part of the European Youth Capital budget, where students themselves come up with ideas and vote for the ones they like best. In 2020 the participatory budgeting model will be implemented in schools, which agreed to pilot the initiative. In 2021 it is planned to implement this model in all Klaipeda city schools. The goals of the participatory budgeting are focused on the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, discussing with students which out of 17 goals are most relevant for schools, students and the school community.