That’s how heroes are born!

On June 1 this year, Andrius will go kayaking and swim across 10 European countries from the North to the Black Sea. The route will cover 3,500 kilometers, and a third of the journey  Andrius will sail upstream (about 1,100 kilometers).

In order to share the most beautiful swimming moments, Andrius takes his loyal companion – the four-legged pet Dori on the trip with him. Although the trip is full of adventures and experiences in order not to sail alone with Dori for so long, Andrius encourages kayaking enthusiasts or those who are looking for new flavors and colors in their daily lives to join their journey(specific travel time and exact places when it will be possible to occupy the second place in the kayak will be announced soon).

This trip is a huge challenge, and the team working on this project called The Hero Inside sees Andrius’ journey as an enormous source of motivation and inspiration.

The main goal of the project is to make this swimming a starting point for change and new discoveries. The team of project organizers and Andrius want to show young people that nothing is impossible and inspire the belief that all dreams and goals can be realized – the  most important thing is to wholeheartedly believe in your idea and act.

During Andrius’ trip, a fund will be established, in which the money collected from sponsors and individuals will be allocated for the implementation of the 5 + 1 program – the implementation of 6 unique and exceptional ideas or projects of young people. The organizing team will select ideas and projects one by one in each of the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Art and culture,
  • Social communication,
  • Sports,
  • Technologies.

The additional +1 area is left undefined by the team, it will be an idea or project that cannot be assigned to any of the areas listed above, but it will have authentic and create value. The brainstorming initiative will start very soon, in February, when a more detailed description of the areas and criteria will be presented.

The selection of talented and creative young people who have ideas is planned by the organizational team of The Hero Inside project in the early spring, according to the uploaded videos, in which the young people will have to present briefly: their idea or project and plan how to implement it.

Anyone who has been impressed by the initiative of The Hero Inside project and anyone who wants to encourage the younger generation not to give up on their goals will be able to contribute to the establishment of the scholarships. This will be possible by purchasing (“buying”) the kilometers sailed by Andrius and dedicating them to a chosen person. Andrius will bring hope with his swimming for young people not to be afraid to realize their dreams, no matter how distant and inaccessible they sometimes seem – those who believe that they can do so are the ones who change the world.