Further cooperation, development of EYC2021 programme and capacity building activities are the basis of this platform. Capacity building activities (seminars/visits/camps) will be organized through the platform “POTENTIAL”. Platform is dedicated to youth organizations, ambassadors and other interested parties, in order to concretize and implement the activities provided in the programme. Particular attention will be paid to the participation of marginalized groups.

The platform will also seek to strengthen competencies of youth organizations, youth workers working with “Y”, “Z” generations (choosing the right forms and methods of work).

Enhanced competences will contribute to more active involvement of youth organizations and will form the basis of financial sustainability assurance.

Main activities:

  • International/National Congress of Youth Coordinators;
  • On-line bank of consultations;
  • International capacity building workshops;

Key qualitative indicators: Strengthened sector of youth organizations; growing number of people, who after their studies chose Klaipeda.


Mob. +370 674 87514

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