The seeds of solidarity and empathy need to be sown from a young age, but it’s never too late to start! We learn best by experiencing our own “skin”, so the project “Klaipėda – European Youth Capital 2021” together with the youth of Klaipėda found a way to “empathize” with a personal experience – with the help of virtual reality, to be in the everyday life of a young person who is bullied, has hearing, vision and movement disabilities. This tool consists of two simulation videos, during which the viewer has to choose the choices that determine the end of the video. The videos encourage the viewer, after watching the videos, to consider how the ending of the video could have been if he had chosen other possible choices in the situations that occurred during the videos. The tool is adapted for individual and group viewings. This tool has a customized methodology for group reviews. 


This virtual reality tool consists of 2 videos:

  1. a student who is bullied at school

The aim is to help young people become more aware of the harms of bullying and gender stereotypes.


  • encourage viewers to consider the consequences of young people’s actions during the VR film, using interactive choices;
  • using the task to invite participants to think about existing gender stereotypes (group reviews);
  • during the discussion, invite to discuss the fear of otherness and the resulting bullying, which is often used to insult the LGBT+ community (group reviews). 
  1. Three situations from the everyday life of people with mobility, hearing and vision disabilities.

The goal is to help young people better understand the everyday challenges of people with disabilities.


  • with the help of interactive solutions, create audience empathy, the opportunity to identify with people with disabilities;
  • during the discussion, invite to discuss and think about the challenges faced by people with disabilities and the influence of other people (group reviews);
  • during the discussion, invite to discuss what is empathy for a disabled person and what forms of empathy and understanding are really needed (group reviews). 

Individual and group screenings are available at the Open Youth Center, P. Komunos st. 16A, Klaipėda Contact Violeta Bružienė Head of the Open Youth Center,

El. paštas: violeta.bruziene@kkljc.lt , Tel.: 8 656 95648.