Business promotion programs

„Versli Lietuva“

  Free counseling for young people on business start-up and development, providing all the necessary information: from choosing a legal form to permits and licenses.

Persons from 14 years old, who can already engage in business according to the certificate of individual activity can be consulted. Run by “Versli Lietuva”: Department of Entrepreneurship, Department of Export, “Startup Lithuania” https://www.verslilietuva.lt/paslaugos/konsultacijos/

All interested young people have the opportunity to join various events promoting entrepreneurship and leadership competences for free. The training takes place at the cooperation center “Spiečius”, and they are conducted by “Versli Lietuva”: Department of Entrepreneurship, Department of Export, “Startup Lithuania”. https://www.verslilietuva.lt/kalendorius/

  Get to know the sources of business financing: https://www.verslilietuva.lt/verslauk/finansavimo-saltiniai/



“Spiečius” is a free entrepreneurial space co-working center that operates in Klaipėda. In the center, you can have a modern workplace, get the necessary consultations and help in running your business.

Read more about the space here:



„Investuok Lietuvoje“

„Investuok Lietuvoje“ is a non-profit foreign direct investment development agency and very often the first contact of global business representatives with Lithuania.

The purpose of the institution is to contribute to the creation of new jobs by attracting international companies, to increase the competitiveness of the Lithuanian economy, investment attractiveness and the country’s reputation in the world.

You can find more about investment opportunities here: http://www.investlithuania.com/lt/

Free entrepreneurship programs

Network of business mentors

“Network of business mentors” is a mentoring project initiated by “Versli Lietuva”, where experienced businessmen, specialists in various fields, share their knowledge and experience free of charge with business representatives seeking to grow and improve.

Business mentoring is a collaboration based on a pre-established plan. It does not seek to indicate the right solutions, the purpose of mentoring is to guide entrepreneurs who are starting or want to grow in the right direction, to seek progress together with the mentor, in search of new, practical solutions for business development.

The mentoring project of “Versli Lietuva” started in 2014, it is constantly expanding, gathering more and more experienced mentors, more and more business representatives receive mentoring, the project creates more and more success stories.

Get to know the Business Mentor Network program:  https://www.verslilietuva.lt/paslaugos/nacionalinis-mentoriu-tinklas/


„Startup Lithuania“        

Startup Lithuania is a national facilitator of the startup ecosystem, which unites the entire community – from startups to investors and government institutions. “Startup Lithuania” operates on the principle of a funnel, therefore it helps everyone related to this industry, from schoolchildren or students, by introducing them to startups to already established startups looking for investments.

All information about Startup Lithuania can be found here: https://www.startuplithuania.com/

Klaipėda city municipal youth employment promotion program

 The program is intended for employers of the Klaipėda City Municipality who employ young people aged 14 to 19, studying in educational institutions located on the territory of the Municipality (hereinafter – youth). The term of the program is from June 15 to August 31, not during the educational process.

  Compensation information: The employer participating in the Program is reimbursed for each employed young person in the following order:

  • for a young person employed for the maximum working time allowed for his age, the amount compensated per month is 50 percent. from MMA (including taxes paid by the employer);
  • if a young person works less than the maximum duration of working time allowed for his age, the compensation is calculated proportionally less according to subsection 20.1;
  • the maximum amount of compensation to the employer for one employed young person during the Program implementation period – one MMA. The maximum duration of compensation is no more than 2 months;
  • funds for unused vacations are not reimbursed from Program funds.


Contact information:

Klaipėda city chief specialist of the municipality’s Youth and Community Affairs Coordination Group

Agne Kovalenkaitė

Tel. 860800953

email post office agne.kovalenkaite@klaipeda.lt


„Junior Achievement“ program

Lithuanian Junior Achievement (LJA) is the first non-governmental organization in Lithuania that has been successfully implementing progressive economic education, entrepreneurship education, financial literacy and career education programs in general education schools, vocational training institutions and higher education institutions for almost 30 years.

 Lithuanian Junior Achievement programs are diverse, useful, based on experiential education, tested by education experts and teachers from more than 100 countries around the world. Together, they engage students of all ages, from elementary to high school, and provide each of them with the opportunity to grow and learn from the best professionals in their field, mentors.

The “accelerator_x” program provides students of grades 5-8 and 9-12 and vocational training institutions with real business experience while still at school, so they will actually experience what it means to create, develop, manage a business, and make significant decisions. Also, you will acquire knowledge and skills that will be useful in creating a business in the future: you will develop leadership qualities and cooperation skills, creativity, courage to make uncomfortable decisions.

When establishing a young company, you will implement the entire cycle of business management: you will establish the company, accumulate initial capital, plan, analyze consumer needs, create your service or product and sell it, run a marketing campaign and close the company after the learning process.

The students’ young company is supervised by a mentor working at the school (a teacher who is trained to work with the program), and the students are advised by a business volunteer, an expert mentor who shares his insights and experience.

Start your business! You can learn more about the “accelerator_x” program here: https://lja.lt/wp-content/uploads/acc_x_module/story_html5.html

You can find more about other relevant programs for young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enthusiasts on the Lithuanian Junior Achievement website: https://lja.lt/jaunimui/

If you have any questions, contact tel. 8 5 2616413 or e-mail by mail: info@lja.lt


The project “Klaipėda – European Youth Capital 2021” platform “Leadership” implemented the youth entrepreneurship event “Jaunimas jaunimas”


Briefly about the event:

The Leadership Platform coordinated by the Lithuanian Business College has already implemented the entrepreneurial event “Youth for the Youth” for the second time!

Youth for Youth 2020 took place in a completely virtual way due to the current pandemic situation, but Youth for Youth 2021 took place in a hybrid way on November 11-12! Youth could participate with their team both physically and virtually from any country in the world!

During the event, participants took part in workshops and seminars led by Dovydas Van Gucht (EdTech), Andrius Milinavičius (Lithuanian Marketing Association), Henrikas Urbonas (Interactio), Brigita Adomavičiūtė (Sea of ​​Colors), Simas Buziliauskas (Simas Likes to Sing).

We are glad that representatives of businesses and organizations participated in the event, i.e. Aurelija Urbonaitė – Youth Auk Center, Sara Beniulis – Friend to Friend, Dovaldas Kušleikis – Global Leadership Conference, Artūras Petrauskas – Tourism Information Center, Erika Zavackienė – Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, Ovidijus Šadauskas – Akasys, Žilvinas Milašauskas – Mr. Beaver, Vytenis Kybartas – Lazertronas and presented their problems to the teams, which the teams analyzed and presented their recommendations.

All participants were awarded with a participant’s package, and the winning teams were awarded with gift certificates!

The third place was won by the team:

A.K.A. Teenagers – Angela Vicente Sanchez, Arnas Ulvydas, Karol Prostak

The second place was won by:

Innovation Office – Andrius Raudys, Marius Žeruolis, Gediminas Dumčius, Vaidotas Jablonskis

The first place was won by:

Golden Mushrooms – Joana Gomes, Sanchez Jimenez, Olga Cukierska, Ioanna Chatziantoniou

The additional prize for creativity was won by:

Mafihlisyntas – Diogo Vital, Ivan Sanchez, Roman Jakub Turbiarz, Theofilia Koulopoulou

Moments of the event: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1986871341476088&type=3

The event will take place again in the fall of this year, follow the information: https://www.facebook.com/chooseklaipeda


Podcast “Become a business leader”