Klaipeda residents’ opinion about the project:

“Klaipeda – European Youth Capital 2021”

In order to celebrate what has happened, we need not only to have results but also to talk about them. We have decided to start with your – Klaipeda residents’ – opinion about the project. So the question is: has the project benefited you and how? 🌺


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Jonas Laniauskas, Director of the Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor: ⚡

The project was very important in order to draw public attention to the young person, to look at youth policy differently, to look for new means of working with young people. The title of European Youth Capital has become a great example to all Lithuanian municipalities that any idea can be implemented.

Neda Mačiūtė: #chooseklaipeda ambassador: ❤️

"In my opinion, the title of the youth capital was very useful for Klaipėda. Thanks to the project, Klaipeda was able to grow together with its youth, help them improve, as well as returning themselves with wonderful events and works of artists". 🙏

Council of Lithuanian Youth Organizations- project partners:⚡
"We are happy and proud of what the # Chooseklaipėda team has done - their activities, events and information campaigns have created invaluable benefits for young people. Although this title has already been handed over to Tirana, let us continue to celebrate youth in the Lithuanian and European Youth Year!" 🔥

Associate Professor Inga Maknavičienė - Project Partner: ❤️

"Over the last 20 years, together with international project partners, we have been organizing international competitions, festivals, seminars, concerts, in which 2021 covered not only an important field of information dissemination. "🙏

Samanta Štraupaitė - one of the coordinators of the "Leadership" platform: ❤️
"European Youth Capital - the most amazing project in Klaipeda! From the string and variety of events, even a head spin! I am glad that young people had the opportunity to discover themselves in various activities and I hope that youth activity will motivate everyone to grow and create more beautiful Klaipeda!"🌻

Diana Aksamitauskaitė, an employee of the Youth Department of Immanuel Kant Public Library of Klaipėda City Municipality - partner of the project: ❤️
"We are glad that we had the opportunity to become a part of KEJS 2021 project and contribute to and participate in events. The lives of young people allowed us to realize once again that great results can be achieved by joining forces, and we thank you for the opportunity to reveal the most beautiful parts of Klaipeda together."🌻

Chief Specialist of the National Youth Policy Division of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Lithuania: ❤️

"Klaipeda - European Youth Capital 2021" was not only a cycle of one-year events or the name of a project, but also a message to every young person that Lithuanian cities can be noticed, attractive, engaging and youthful. This project involved all stakeholders and allowed them not only to observe but also to experience the vitality and innovation that the ideas created and implemented together with young people can bring to the city. Klaipeda has become an example of how leadership in youth policy can be assumed not only in Lithuania but also in Europe, and every young person who has created, implemented or participated in this project is an important contribution of youth in creating the present of cities. "🙏

Indrė Razbadauskaitė -
#chooseklaipeda ambassador and one of the coordinators of the "Leadership" platform:❤️

WE have proved that we can be visible, active, social and together initiate various cultural activities, become leaders in our field, participate in decision-making in Klaipeda and create a vision for our city. 🪁

Evilija Grabauskaitė -
#chooseklaipeda ambassador: ⚡

If I had not joined the #chooseklaipeda project, I don't even know if I would have been as frequent visitor here as I have been all year... Nevertheless, my friends, relatives and colleagues learned about the activities of this project and came here; even the most remote cities took part - I'm glad, that we young people had a place to meet and go almost every week, to different events.

Žiogų pieva - project partners:⚡
"The title year of the project is 2021. - It was special for the city of Klaipeda - the abundance of events, educations and initiatives surprised the whole city and motivated the youth. UAB "Žiogų pieva", as an event organization company, is glad that Klaipeda - the European Youth Capital in 2021 has implemented so many high-quality, meaningful, professional events." 🔥

Mantas Meškys: #chooseklaipeda ambassador:⚡
"Klaipeda's youth has shown that they can be active in organizations and events, and it is possible to revive the city through events. It was a good idea to paint on the buildings. Now the city looks more colorful, it is to be expected that such drawings will increase in the future and the city will look more vibrant, attracting tourists from various countries." 🔥

Klaipėda University of Applied Science Student Representation (KVK SA) - project partners:⚡
"This project was not only a great opportunity for Klaipėda city youth to actively and usefully use their free time, but also for us, organizations, it was a great environment to implement their ideas, contribute to Klaipėda youth activity We are also glad that thanks to this project it was possible not only to have fun, but also to develop our competencies and deepen our knowledge in various fields." 🔥

Klaipėda resident has expressed its opinion anonymously:⚡
"#chooseklaipeda was one of the best projects, I found a lot of friends with whom I had a lot of fun and an interesting time. I am very happy to have participated in it because I have gained a lot of experience and it will definitely be useful for me in the future."🌻

BC Neptūnas Klaipėda - project partners:⚡
"We are glad that Klaipeda city and its community could become a part of EYC 2021 project. This is another bridge with the world, through which we were able to carry the message about Lithuania, its youth and their inexhaustible opportunities to grow, improve and express themselves. It is always good to be a part of it and we hope that it is just another step towards making Klaipeda a great city for young people." 🔥

Klaipėda Link - project partners: 🌼
"After getting acquainted with the KEJS 2021 team, we were impressed by the vigor, energy and love of Klaipėda. Our smooth and friendly cooperation provided motivation and meaning to contribute to various youth initiatives in Klaipėda. We were happy to have such partners/friends and youth burning eyes and the work done gave hope that beautiful works await Klaipėda. It made sense for us to be a part of KEJS 2021!"🔥


Edvardas Liutkus -
#chooseklaipeda ambassador: 🪁

I am glad that those who awarded the title of European Youth Capital knew that young people could express their opinion and contribute to the events by being here in the project. Together with those who awarded the title, we can move on to making dreams come true.

Sigita Vaišnoraitė -
#chooseklaipeda ambassador: ❤️

The title of the Youth Capital was useful for Klaipeda, as it encouraged young people to be active, civic, to offer ideas (projects) and showed that there is something to do in Klaipeda even on a rainy day!!! I personally especially enjoyed the organized event "Youth Forum", during which we discussed how to solve youth problems.

Evelina Avižiūtė -
#chooseklaipeda ambassador: ❤️

I found many acquaintances and friends in the project and among the ambassadors, and I am no longer afraid to express my opinion in public. The youth of Klaipeda also benefited from the project, as some of the young people I know managed to get out of their discomfort because they took part in events aimed at young people.🙏

Andrius Doleris: #chooseklaipeda ambassador ❤️

"The project "Klaipeda - European Youth Capital 2021" was full of active youth and wonderful ideas"🙏

Klaipėda resident has expressed its opinion anonymously: ❤️

It is cool to see Klaipeda alive and charming, when people and events fill the historical city center. New activities, a fresh approach and respect for history and Klaipėda's historical heritage are wonderfully combined. Thank you for being. Don’t stop moving forward together!🌻

Brigita Barkauskaitė "Danės šokių klubas" instructor - project partner: ❤️

"EYC2021 - a miracle for the youth of Klaipeda city, a miracle for the whole of Lithuania. It was a great opportunity for youth and youth organizations to get involved in the initiatives organized during the project and to strengthen the activities of the organizations, to properly represent the interests of young people and to initiate what young people really want."🙏

Inesa Greivienė - Coordinator of the "Space" platform: ❤️

"I believe that Klaipeda - European Youth Capital 2021 has laid a solid foundation for future initiatives. It has opened up many paths and provided opportunities for young people to show that they want to be heard."🌻

Lasha Kheladze -
#chooseklaipeda ambassador: ❤️

"As a foreigner, it was very important to me to have some circle of the local community and new personal contacts. The capital status and this program made it possible to create stronger bonds not only in terms of spending good times but also in terms of working together. I think I was lucky to volunteer in Klaipeda while it had the capital status. The time I spent with you during the summer was definitely one of the highlights of my year of volunteering. Want to wish you good luck and even more successful year ahead!"🙏