SPACES – platform for the development of safe, open spaces.

Main activities:

  • Creation of 24/7 open infrastructure for youth
  • International Workshop “New story of unattractive spaces”;
  • Experimental, pop-up spaces adapted for the youth needs.

This platform is precisely for: forming youth traditions, creation of safe and youth-friendly spaces in consultations with young people, transformation of unattractive places into attraction objects, an attractive and vibrant city all year round, awareness raising, education on gender equality. Opportunities and safe places to unfold individual’s potential are the main values of this programme and platforms.

Key qualitative indicators: at least three youth spaces created; Growing youth satisfaction in urban infrastructure, Growing number of creative initiatives, events in periphery; growing youth satisfaction with leisure activities; growing public awareness and openness (Decreasing homophobia in society; growing sense of security among youth exclusion groups; Percentage of young people remaining in Klaipeda.


Mob. +37068497131

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