The Klaipeda Youth Forum is a completely new platform in both Klaipeda and Lithuania. We want to provide the active youth with a space where they can raise issues of concern, solve problems and make suggestions. We see this forum as a ‘think tank’ or a group of young experts who, with their ideas and initiatives, will help Klaipėda city structures working with young people, such as the Youth Affairs Council, the Youth Affairs Coordinator and the Klaipėda youth organization association “Apskritasis stalas”. With this strategic initiative, we want to further strengthen the voice of young people. We want to give young people the space, tools, opportunities and support to engage and participate in civic processes.

The Klaipeda Youth Forum consists of two parts – the Forum Assembly and the Forum Working Groups. The Forum Assembly, which will take place twice a year, will set the direction in which the further work of the Forum will happen. During the assembly, all participants will jointly decide which problems, topics and issues are most relevant to them. After identifying the topics, the forum participants will divide into smaller working groups and will continue to generate ideas and formulate proposals for the Youth Affairs Council according to the problems identified during the assembly.

We will inform the forum members about the open meetings and that may affect the lives of young people, and we will provide them with information about the entire youth policy in Klaipeda. We will also consult the members of the forum, help them to find and formulate arguments properly so that the papers they prepare have the necessary weight. Of course, we will also seek close cooperation with all youth structures as well as with policy makers and practitioners.

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