Klaipeda ran for the European Youth Capital title and made it to the finals twice in a row. Finally, we were announced as the EYC2021 during the awards ceremony in Novi Sad (Serbia). Our call to #chooseklaipeda was heard and we were given an opportunity to bring youth from all over Europe together.

We see the EYC title as a platform to recreate ourselves, empower young people, boost youth participation and strengthen European identity.

In 2021 Lithuania will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of youth policy, therefore, we want to celebrate it together with the whole Europe!


The European Youth Capital initiative had started over 10 years ago. The contest is organized by the European Youth Forum.

Novi Sad (Serbia) holds the title in 2019 and will be followed by Amiens (France) in 2020.

More about the EYC – https://www.youthforum.org/youthcapital.


Klaipeda’s youth, youth organizations and Klaipeda City Municipality united for the common goal to empower youth. The application process involved over 500 young people, who shared their thoughts, insights and hopes, who brought #chooseklaipeda to life and transformed it into a movement of young people. We had launched #chooseklaipeda ambassadors as a pilot project to get young individuals involved in developing youth policy and youth participation.

Over 30 international, national, regional and local organizations, the Youthful Cities Commission of the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) that unites more than 100 cities, the Youth Board of the Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC) as well as the Youth Board of the Euroregion Baltic (ERB) expressed their support for our aspiration to bring EYC values to the Baltic Sea region and Northern Europe for the first time in the history of EYC.


Key challenges identified by Klaipeda’s youth:

  • Decreasing population, ageing city;
  • Selective solidarity while engaging youth in policy framing;
  • Low social and civic participation;
  • Lost identity, relationship with the city;
  • Lack of proper environment for entrepreneurship and creativity;
  • Boring and unattractive city;
  • Avoidance of “taboo” people and topics.


Klaipeda – the city of revealed youth potential: an open, cooperative, youth friendliest city in the Baltic Sea Region.


#chooseklaipeda programme is developed in 3 key directions and is built on 9 platforms. Each platform is dedicated to tackle a significant problem and overcome the challenges identified by youth.

We invite youth organizations, young individuals to take a fair share in implementing the EYC programme.

Klaipeda – EYC2021 will offer over 200 capacity building activities, engage young people in organizing around 400 events, build over 70 long-term partnerships with local, national and international organizations, expand our pool of volunteers to 1000.


Social and political activity of youth

Dialogues. Platform, based on assurance of youth social and civic rights

Solidarity. Promotion of volunteering, a platform for sustainable development and humanitarian aid


Youth-oriented creativity and entrepreneurship environment

Leadership. Youth entrepreneurship platform

Out of the box. Youth creativity platform


Open, attractive and youth-friendly city

Spaces. Platform for development of safe, open spaces

North-South. Platform of youth events and community inclusion

Colours. Environment to open up, become mature

Horizontal platforms

Connections. Platform for local, national, regional and international cooperation in youth policies

Potential. Capacity building and programme development platform

For the full Klaipeda – EYC2021 application and more details on #chooseklaipeda programme click here.