LEADERSHIP – a platform to promote youth entrepreneurship.

The platform is coordinated by Lithuania Business University of applied sciences (LBUAS). LBUAS is a modern, open to society and independent higher education institution founded in 1994 that prepares professionals in social and physical sciences who are focused on Lithuanian and European labour market.

Main activities:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator
  • Entrepreneurship event “Youth for Youth”
  • Youth, NGO service fairs
  • Youth awareness campaign for the development of a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship
  • Contact fairs “Youth – Business”
  • Youth Friendly Employer Awards
  • Career guidance for the disabled community
  • Joint business and disabled community meetings/discussions, presenting success stories, integration of people with disabilities into the workplace
  • Young entrepreneurs’ success stories on YouTube
  • International social entrepreneurship contests
  • Educational event on gender equality issues in business

The platform is designed to encourage young people’s determination to start a business, to encourage the openness of business to the disabled and to form positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship.

Key qualitative indicators: Growing number of people, who after EYC2021 activities would like to start business; growing business openness for the disabled people.


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