The POP-UP space is a constantly moving space for young people. It can host a variety of events: from trainings, discussions, serious conversations to concerts, dance duels or just parties. The youth space started in 2021, Sea Festival – July 23 with a youth spot. However, as if nothing has ended this day, the events are still going on and will certainly take place. There are a variety of events: discussions, dances, concerts, fashion shows, workshops, breathing classes… More about the events and everything else https://www.facebook.com/chooseklaipeda


To have your event also take place at Atgimimo Square, contact us by e-mail. email events@chooseklaipeda.eu or tel. +370 616 56808 and we will start organizing your event together!


Upcoming POP UP space events:

  • October 30, 3 p.m. Halloween party.