DIALOGUES – platform, based on assurance of youth social and civic rights.

Main activities:

  • Preparation of Youth policy development strategy
  • Creation of youth ambassadors’ forum
  • Motivation and compensation system for individuals, who voluntarily participate in the city’s political and civic life;
  • “Youth in the Municipality”
  • Supporting the participation of Klaipeda youth in European youth policy events
  • Structured dialogue initiatives

Although, youth policy is clearly regulated and implemented as a horizontal priority, we still do not have a model for structured, real youth inclusion when dealing with youth related issues. Inclusion of disadvantaged groups, unorganized youth almost do not exist. The platform is aimed not only at solving these problems, but also in promoting young people’s interest in politics, active citizenship, solidarity and volunteering.

Key qualitative indicators: growing political literacy of youth; Growth of perception and recognition of local, national and international youth policy; growing volunteering, NGO prestige and number of volunteering young people (growing number of volunteering youth.



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